CodeStep UK's Solution Case Studies - Read about our partners and customers

CodeStep UK's history is varied and we've never developed any customer system like another - and thats what we love!

From public websites to CRM and ERP systems - our bespoke development services ensure every client creates their unique solution just the way they want it

You can view a selection of our case studies below:-


Partner Program
Investment Program

Platform Experience 5.0
Building a Communications and Marketing platform to streamline a London business and empower the project delivery teams

First version in 2003, Platform V2 in 2006, Platform V5 in 2010

AccountAbility Screenshot
Chevrolet Network Assistance

Partner Program

Platform Experience 5.1
A customer assistance retailer portal giving head office the power to connect with hundreds of retailers across the UK

First solution 2002.  Revamp in 2006, Platform Service in 2015

Chevrolet Network Assistance Screenshot
Chevrolet Connect

Partner Program

Platform Experience
5.0 / 5.1
Our European Platform designed to deliver rich call-center tools and empower thousands of users across 15 countries in 14 different languages

First region 2010 (v5), Second region 2011, Special Eastern Europe Multiregion Site in 2012 (v5.1)
Chevrolet Connect Europe Screenshot
Data Quality and
Reporting Tool

Ownership Program
Built by our specialist developer - we delivered a fully bespoke platform giving the client the ability to provide their services to their global customers IntoZetta DQR Screenshot
Knauf Earthwool
Order Management

Ownership Program
A simple but highly effective management suite to enable Knauf to manage retail orders and freight processing Knauf Earthwool Screenshot
Spice UK
Travel Management System

Ownership Program

Platform Experience 5.2
A business foundation platform that provided a multi-franchise business operations suite, fully bespoke e-commerce API and operational management tools for staff and businesses across the UK Equant Delegate Management Screenshot
SalesPro 2019

Partner Program
Investment Program

Platform Experience 5.1
A pixel perfect business management platform that replaced older software with a new rich interface to deliver an ERP style solution for running a business SalesPro 2019 Screenshot
EQ's SalesPro CRM 2022

Partner Program

Platform Experience
5.2 / 5.2.3
One of our latest solutions - and a CRM like no other - this package was developed with business analysts to deliver a complex structure for the management of contracts and customer expectations EQ SalesPro CRM Screenshot
ComCare 2023
Facility and Customer
Management Software


Platform Experience
5.2.2 / 5.2.3
Built on our latest platform - this solution is built to provide CRM and facility management tools to hundreds of users across the UK ComCare 2023 Screenshot
CruiseMatch and
Affinity Airlines

Platform Experience 1
Modernising one business, and creating a new business in just 3 weeks

The first commercial prototype of our platform service, many many years ago!
Equant Delegate Management

Platform Experience 2
A Live Events conference registration and management tool that gave the power of programming tools to non-developers

The first commetcial version of our platform service that allowed non-programmers to build systems
Equant Delegate Management Screenshot
Feel Good Insulation

Public website
Outsource Program
A simple brochure website with product information and product sample request forms. Feel Good Insulation Screenshot

Public website
Outsource Program
An e-Commerce solution providing product gallaries and management tools for processing customer orders and maintaining the website. Handirack Screenshot
Holts Transport

Public website
Outsource Program
A simple brochure website with contact page and basic CMS functionality. Holts Transport Screenshot
Inside Guides

Public website
Ownership Program
A subscription based business directory with franchise management enabling multiple websites to be run off the same system Inside Guides Screenshot
Knauf ThinkInsulation

Public website
Outsource Program
A public brochure site providing information and resources for the Knauf Insulation product range Knauf ThinkInsulation Screenshot
Knauf Earthwool

Public website
Outsource Program
An updated version of an existing site with region selection and purchasing process updates Knauf Earthwool Screenshot
Pippa Mann's Official Website

Public website
Outsource Program
An updated version of an existing site with public news, media and galleries, fanclub and administration tools Pippa Mann Screenshot

CodeStep UK's Platform Case Studies - Find out how we deliver a consistent service

Our in house platforms allow us to rapidy prototype, build, deliver and update software for our cloud services.


Our foundation for web applications and manufactured software

Read about how DreamServer has evolved over the years, and how Version 5 has outlasted all expectations and continues to grow

Introducing CodeStep UK's DreamServer Formula
C#.Net, SQL Server

Our web-browser based application container API and framework used to deliver our Software-As-A-Service solutions

Introduced in DSX 5.1 - WebDesk Shell created a whole new generation of web based solutions

DSX 5 Framework - Introducing WebDesk Shell
HTML-5 and JavaScript,
Socket IO
ICE Race

Our management and adminstration process ensures everyone is kept in the loop

CodeStep UK's new "ICE Race" Lifecycle

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