Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Rest assured our principles are simple and clear as always - and we'll avoid the intrusive popups as best we can:

  • We comply with GDPR / UK regulations.
  • We'll consider additional bespoke privacy / security policies too for our individual clients!
  • We do not sell your personal data. That's not our business.
  • We believe privacy is the cornerstone of any relationship. We won't do anything to risk that.
  • If you contact us and ask us to provide an estimate or do some work - we'll keep your details confidential and only use them for the purpose of our work with you.
  • If you use our QuickContact form, you will need to connect using SSL.  Your details are sent to us and we will use them only to contact you.
  • We will only share your details with our partners who are working with you if you allow us.
  • We won't sell your contact details to advertisers, nor do we integrate external adverts on our site - its not our business model!
  • We only use cookies on this site to make the Web Site work and for Google Analytics

  • We don't accept, process or store client-customer data on site.
  • We expect all clients to provide or lease a dedicated storage solution for any of their customer data.
  • We only provide the tools and services for our clients to process their own customer data, and it is up to each client to conform to any obligations.
  • We encourage all clients to provide anonymous or fake customer data when conveying ideas, models or examples to us, to simplify the process for everyone involved and helps you comply too!
  • We do not accept customer data to be processed on any office or desktop or laptop machine.  Only Cloud Servers may be used for the processing of data.  Any customer data received will be deleted and will not be processed unless uploaded to a cloud server either paid for or provided by the customer.  Customers must accept any licence costs associated with cloud processing.
  • If you are given a login to any secure application, tracking (including IP addresses) may occur for the purposes of security and/or legal auditing of activity only. We may also record your last browser type and capabilities for the purposes of diagnostics and support.
  • We do not provide any GDPR or regulatory advice to our clients, but we do have partners that can help you.
    Contact Us for more information.
  • We are happy to conform to any Public Standard (eg PCI/ISO) on a per-solution basis, subject to pre-agreement and evaluation of any requirements.