Our software delivers your process

CodeStep UK focuses on researching new ideas and new technologies, to give every customer the best tools and ensuring everyone gets upgraded when something new appears.

Using our unique Human In the Loop Intelligence process - we combine Artificial Intelligence with robust human oversight - giving customers rapid development and quality controlled solutions.

Our portfolio covers many major industries, from automotive to travel and logistics to retail.

We've chosen just a few to highlight the range of services we can offer.  But the list doesn't end there.  At CodeStep there is always something new being developed - from public commerce, booking systems and communication processes.

We are also launching our new Integrated Cycle of Engineering (ICE) process - designed to tame and strengthen customer projects and traditional Agile solutions into ones that can be truely world class

Latest Developments

CodeStep UK delivered a new cloud service for our new health sector client as part of a solution commissioned by one of our new partners - a fully bespoke solution tailored to the way they operate, and based the latest version of our core platform delivered as a fully managed cloud service

Example screenshot of ComCare 2023

We make systems do what others can't

Your software can be designed to look, feel and behave just the way you want it.

Using pre-built templates or our tailored design service, we can deliver you a rich friendly application with your users in mind.

Our designers and developers work together to give you that rich experience no matter what budget you are working with. 

Want to use your own skills? - Our latest solutions enable you to edit your application designs "live" - even some functionality can be changed whilst you use it, all without recoding.

Software Development Services


In depth analysis and survey of your specific data requirements allows us to build cost effective, tailor-made solutions

Built Around You

Using proven frameworks we can deploy the ideal platform to power your business - our unique building blocks give you solid systems unique to you

Hosted, Supported
Or just coded

Served using cloud technology, our applications can be used anywhere - giving you a global software solution unique to you. We can also deliver plain source-code you can own!

Business Applications and Global APIs

Over the years CodeStep have developed and delivered many internal Business Applications for clients and their partners, ranging from generic Intranets through to complex logistics scheduling, business accounting and inter-site communication platforms.

We can create your very own Application Programming Interface (API) - and things really get interesting.

An API lets your business talk to your suppliers on a system to system basis.  Communicate orders, stock movements and delegate services outside your organisation in an efficient, dynamic and instant manner.  API's let multiple businesses collaborate to deliver truely amazing services to your customers.

For more information on business systems, Contact Us and ask our architects to help or click here see a sample of different systems we can build

Serve Customers Anywhere

Connect international teams and deliver tools and resources to serve your customers anywhere

Business Applications

Public Websites

Working with great designers and agencies, we can help you deliver media-rich and highly functional websites for your customers to use, giving your business an online advantage.

Our Public Websites can be simple or fully functional with e-commerce and more. 

You can provide detailed product information or even an online helpdesk for your customers.

Imagine what you want, and we can build it.

Connect with your fans

Start a fan club or members community and really connect your business to your customers and supporters - or just show off your awesome skills with your very own portal!

Public Websites

Connect your systems, your way

By building a framework around your business - you can pull together multiple sources of data, information and tools and provide these as a complete package.

Whether you build your own functions, or perhaps import public API's - your unique framework will be designed to run your business, the way you want.

Your own API can expand your business

You can scale your business up, outsource specialist functions and services and expand your business - connecting and sharing with everyone who's important to you.

New development tasks or expansions - even routine updates to old systems will become a breeze - everyone is kept focused on what matters - developing your unique logic to work around the world.

We did, and we can do it for you.

We hit the ground running

With years of experience developing platforms and frameworks, we are able to provide ready-to-run development and hosting platforms, or build your very own custom framework for your enterprise:-

Quick Start Platforms and Frameworks

  • CodeStep's SQL and C#.Net Database and Web Foundation v5
    Our foundation allows us to rapidly build large scale systems in a structured and open way - compatible with any other CMS systems
  • CodeStep's Web Application Delivery Model
    Our application model allows us to rapidly prototype, deploy and maintain data management tools and applications - all delivered as pure customizable C# code

You can expand upon ready built solutions

Our ready to use platforms and applications allow us to build common systems rapidly, using a repeatable and stable yet flexible process delivering unique systems every time.

Ready to use Applications and Tools

  • WebDesk Basics Platform
    Our starter kit lets us hit the ground running - databases, code, pre-built admin tools  and CMS tools all ready to use for your new system
  • SiteMaker and Nano Hosting
    The built-in CMS toolkits allow you to start creating websites, documents and interactive portals - combiined with custom tools - you can create something unique
  • WebDesk Business Management Starter Suite
    Hit the ground running or migrate away from expensive solutions with our business management, budgeting and accounting framework

Demos and Trials

We can arrange personal demonstrations of our tools and trials for pre-built systems.

Our demonstrations are designed to give you an introduction to the types of applications you could have and to discover what is important to you so that when we build your system - we know how to make it perfect

We can demonstrate:

  • Various techniques and tools giving you the choice of how your system works
  • Our ready-built platforms - either to use, or just to show off what can be done
  • Our unique development process and case studies

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Customer Quotes and Reviews

Quote, 2024

"Thanks for the mail and also the time you are spending on the project – I think I am speaking for the three of us when I say we are highly impressed with what you are doing."

".....it was a very productive meeting – we seem to be making great headway and David’s patience with some of our requests is commendable!"

A new client we've only just started working with, who during the planning stage has already given us two compliments!

Quote, 2022

"David at CodeStep.UK has delivered software and hosting to our business for the past 20 years, in that time he has never failed to deliver on his promise, his commitment to detail and hard-working mentality has made him a great asset for our business, where we have designed, created, and delivered several applications solutions for our clients. Every tool is built on a robust system that in 20 years has never let us down."

A partner-client who designs custom solutions and resells our software platforms as part of their communications and marketing strategies and solutions

Quote, 2021

"..... I was only thinking of you last week. I was looking at our ****** portal and thinking how poor it was and how much better CNA (Chevrolet UK) was and that was 15 years ago...."

A comment from an old customer's team member who moved on to a new position

The software solution that ran with multiple upgrades over many years - with the latest 2012 & 2015 versions built and delivered on CodeStep UK's DSX v5 platform - continues to be remembered for it's simplicity and stability

Quote, 2020

"....still think you are the best supplier I ever worked with and think about the fact our system only went down 3 times in 10 years, amazing!"

A quote from one of our long term solution partners who deliver our software as part of their international communications strategies to corporate clients.

We also migrated away from the original commercial managed-hosting providers to our own service solutions so it never crashed like that again!

Quote, 2019

"Did you know, that Document System you wrote 11 years ago is still being used and it's never crashed"

A quote from a partner developer who used our software for one of their clients. 

When we asked if they ever changed the source code for it, they said they've never needed to!

Quote, 2016

"We didn't want to mention it, but you undercut the competition by hundreds of thousands!"

A multi-national automotive client who weren't sure about us at first, but kept asking for more, over 13 years later!

And no, we didn't put our prices up!

Quote, 2013

"We called you in because we had two agencies try and build this, the first didn't get it and the second didn't even try - they said it can't be done."

A leisure and travel industry customer for 6 years who committed to 3 major versions of development!

Quote, 2007

"We used to use ****** for our platform, but it took our developers months to produce what you've just delivered in less than a week."

A quote from one of our early customers within the media and communications industry which inspired CodeStep UK

There is always something new

We can create almost anything on the web. 

Any site, service or portal you might need, we can advise the best way to get it. 

If you don't see what your looking for, get in touch and we'll discuss all the available options with you.

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