Convert your spreadsheets to cloud solutions

Many businesses use spreadsheets to manage data, share with teams or simply store lots of information

But spreadsheets can become complex, difficult to track and costs businesses lost time and effort when they try to scale up

CodeStep UK can take your spreadsheet data and convert them to live fully managed cloud solutions that your team can access from anywhere

A good business is designed from the start to manage data in a scaleable way - giving staff and customers access to the information they need in a structured and secure form

Build your business to scale

Be different to many companies that try to survive by sending spreadsheets around, or paying for costly online sharing solutions

Our tools can deliver a structured and tailored solution for thousands of users - reducing the licencing costs associated with traditional online collaboration tools and the generic office environments of earlier years

Upgrade Access databases to cloud ready, device independent web portals

So many people use Access to manage their business, and is often a great starting point for micro businesses and independents

But when the number of people increases, or you want to work with suppliers and customers who don't have Access software - the need to migrate to the cloud becomes so important to scale your business

We can help you convert legacy Access Databases into fully fledged cloud based applications.  With Cloud software - there is no software to download or install, no concurrency or security issues to manage and no limitations to the number of users.  Most important - there is no file sharing necessary and you can keep your data secure in a single portal

CodeStep UK specialise in transforming databases for our customers and converting them into browser based applications - ready to grow as you do, and fully scalable across desktops, mobiles and tablets

Building to scale will dramatically cut your costs

By building to scale - we can reduce per-user costs to a fraction of those from traditional vendors

A recent example demonstrated that with just a couple of hundred users - we can deliver a tailored solution that cost as little as £30 per user per month, gave the customer the ability to add hundreds more users without any additional costs, and also saved tens of thousands compared to other providers for the time it takes to set up and configure a bespoke structure

Our biggest solution cost as little as £6 per user per month - with 16,000 users and the capacity to add even more at no cost

CodeStep.UK provides platforms that are designed to take business data and processes - turning them into fully working cloud and browser based applications

Our fully replicated and supported solutions give you a stable 24 / 7 environment, dedicated support agents, fixed price storage and the ability to scale without paying for each and every user that you add to your team

Why pay per user, when you can pay per solution ?

Your suite of tools can grow as you do - expanding right across the world

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