Coding your Business into the Cloud

CodeStep UK delivers high quality and secure cloud applications designed for each of our customers needs.

We offer the complete package - building your software solutions knowing exactly the environment best suited to your needs.  We can tune the hosting around your requirements supporting you right the way through. 

Our conversion strategy allows businesses to build tailored solutions and replace tired old spreadsheet with 24 / 7 cloud solutions accessible from anywhere reducing support desk costs and allowing multi-site businesses to communicate seamlessly

With our Bespoke Software services - you get a single point of contact for your entire solution.

Be unique. Be everywhere.

We build systems around your unique process bringing your information together with tools designed for you and your teams

Simple Software that you can change

Software as a Service
Taking the pain out of software

  • We can deliver Cloud-only solutions.  No downloads, no installs or endless updates. 

  • Your bespoke software can be rapidly changed in line with your business strategy, progress and development.

  • CodeStep will identify techniques that enhance and aid the smooth running of your operation.

  • We can use a range of services to minimise your operational costs whilst maximising the flexibility of your system.

Off the shelf, but still unique
Modular. Flexible. Updatable.

  • We provide a tailored and personal technical consultation, developing a unique solution just for you - using only tried and tested techniques and tools.

  • CodeStep offers a personal dedicated support throughout.  A tailored approach to what you, the Customer needs.

  • We can provide In House support and training to you in your workplace

  • CodeStep can offer connectivity solutions and hardware installations using our network of partners

It doesn't have to be complex

Fed up of hand-written, buggy software?  Get our off-the-shelf software - but unique every time!

Whether you want a complete commerce platform, or just starting out with an online company profile, we can help you plan and organise the development and delivery of your system; ensuring you get the most out of technology at a truely cost effective rate.

We made an app that makes apps

We have tools to make development fast and reliable.

Our systems are scalable and configurable down to the smallest feature - you only get what you need, when you need it - and it'll be tailored just for you.

Digitise your process - Automate your standards

With a well defined standard, your customers will experience a consistent and solid service from you - helping you grow as your customers want more.

By building a system around your process, bringing all your information together  - you can analyse and manipulate it in ways that save hours of time giving you invaluable information.

Work faster & smarter. Relax.

Our Process Automation tools takes time-consuming, labour-intensive tasks - managing them within a unique application that can be used by your staff and customers.

Take the stress out of those mundane tasks giving you the time to focus on what matters

Make systems work for you and Energize your workforce

A well designed system can save huge amounts of time and money - you could be up to 75% more efficient with a tailored solution.

Giving your staff the tools to ease mundane tasks and work more effectively gives them and you more available time to generate growth elsewhere.

Importantly, we will design each screen and each button to look and work just how your business needs it.

Data Processing and Management Suites

CodeStep UK specialises in secure cloud applications providing everything from concept and planning to build and support.

We provide custom or bespoke software development using Web based technologies giving you global solutions.
Using intelligent code builders, we can rapidly deploy unique systems with our developers focusing on what matters to you.

Our rapid development process means we can deliver highly tested and structured code ready to use and expand.  

Your data. Your view. Your choice.

Your data can be captured where you need it, when you need it with unique apps and portals.  

You choose how to process it, store it and use it.

Share with your teams and customers anywhere, anytime.

Bespoke software doesn't have to be difficult

Lots of people think and beleive building a bespoke system is scary and most put up with a quick off the shelf "app-store" solution.

But the problems will only just begin and the long term costs will mount up too.  There is a better way.

CodeStep made it easy.  We changed the rules.

When the traditional approach was too complex and costly the only option was to change the game.

Once we changed the rules - we made bespoke development easy.  It just isn't scary or complex anymore. 

Our open standard, multi-language process allows us to deliver what any client wants, just like it came from your favourite app store.

Repeatable, stanardised and expandable.  Your system can be any way you want, and anywhere you want.

Being different is in your DNA

If you are in business you've likely found a niche.

But many will use the same apps and operating software as everyone else, probably suffering from poor support too.  It doesn't make them more efficient, or let them stand out in a crowd. 

If you build your own, it will follow your rules and work just the way you want it.  Making this a better experience for your customers.

We did.  And we can do it fo you.

Our unique Software Services ensure your Unique Systems never get old

When we build software it isn't just for now.  But manually coding updates wouldn't be practical either.

Our systems can be delivered so that they will keep renewing.  Updates will automatically appear without any intervention.

Our managed platforms are built to be updated as new features appear, so that everyone can utilize the latest software with their original investment.

See our Software Services for more details

Host it anywhere you like

Host in the Cloud, Host in your Office.

You choose.  You can have your final solution hosted anywhere.  You can choose us, or choose your own ISP or run it on your own machines.

At CodeStep our focus is delivering whatever you need in the way you need it - being as flexible as possible.

Own it. Change it. It's yours.

When we build you a purely custom system - what comes out is for you. 

It's yours.  You can change it, copy it and re-use it as much as you like!

We write as much as we can by hand and the code can be provided. 

Even when we have to use externally licenced components, they are clearly documented and implemented in a way that can be modified by anyone.

At anytime you can take it anywhere,  CodeStep UK will not lock you in.

Create a Global Connection

All our systems can be provided as a service so you don't have to worry about hosting, maintenance or support.

We provide a complete range of servicing and hosting packages to suit your solutions, size and budgets - see our new Hybrid Cloud service range for our hosting options.

Combining services from Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS - our new Hybrid Cloud services offer an exceptional range of price and performance, scalable on demand.

We can get you started

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Partnerships can start anywhere

If you develop a great idea and think others might want to buy your idea, we can help you sell it as part of our "off the shelf" solutions.

You can actually start to benefit financially, making back money from your great idea!

Your investment isn't just software.  It's also your future.

Clients can be Partners too

Our clients can choose to be partners - so when you build your solutions, we can help you develop the ideas and collaborate on sales, with your unique feature part of something bigger.

Not everyone wants to share their ideas - but what if you had a distinctive news feed that specialised in one topic - you could resell that content to others and earn back the cost to build it....  Just an idea?

Supported Technologies and Services

Software Development

  • Web Technologies
    • HTML 4, 5 & XHTML
    • CSS and XSLT Stylesheets
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery & jQuery UI

  • Database Systems
    • Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 - 2022
    • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
    • Microsoft Access
    • ODBC Sources
    • MySQL

  • .Net Framework Languages
    • Microsoft C#.Net
    • Microsoft VB.Net
    • Microsoft C# ASP.Net
    • Microsoft VB ASP.Net
    • Linq to SQL

  • Scripting Languages
    • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
    • Microsoft VB Script
    • Microsoft Classic ASP
    • Node.JS
    • Python
    • PHP

Server Support

  • Server Technologies
    • Active Directory
    • HTTP & HTTPS
    • DNS & WINS
    • SMTP
    • POP3 & IMAP
    • iSCSI, NAS
    • Firewalls, Routing & RAS
    • Hyper-V, VMWare
    • SNMP

  • Operating Systems and Servers
    • Windows Server 2000 - 2022
    • Windows 8 / 8.1, 10, 11
    • Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Windows 2000, XP
    • Windows 95, 98, Me
    • Exchange Server 2000 - 2016
    • Debian Linux 8/9
    • Raspbian Linux (8/9)

Hosting and Deployment

  • Hosting / Service Styles
    • Private In-Office Intranet
    • Private In-Office Appliances
    • Dedicated Public Servers
    • Private Cloud Servers
    • Public Cloud Servers
    • Shared Hosting Servers
    • Self Service Setup Packages
    • Source Code / GIT based delivery

  • Hosting Technologies
    • IIS Internet Information Services
    • Microsoft HyperV
    • VMWare
    • QEMU
    • Apache