Case Study of CodeStep's "DreamServer" DSX Formula 1999-2023

The DSX development strategy has been around for over 2 decades - it has outlasted all client expectations - even programming languages themselves.

From Classic Scripting and ASP, to .NET Framework and beyond.   The DSX process has worked across languages.  

We designed DSX to do 3 things:

  • Give clients of all sizes the ability to create unique software at an affordable cost
  • Give suppliers the chance to work together in areas they otherwise wouldn't - crossing the boundaries between code and design - and giving content and product creators the chance to cross-sell.
  • Give our developers a way of keeping software up-to-date, without having to re-code them all the time

Software can connect your customers, staff, and suppliers from all over - giving everyone the chance to "glue together" their operations whilst each one is unique.

Our foundation is simple yet highly flexible, and has evolved across five major iterations:-

At CodeStep UK, our solutions aren't just software - we can deliver an entire process to help you move forward.

Our future development strategy will be based on our new Integrated Cycle of Engineering (ICE) process - taking DSX to the next level and giving our customers a tailored, yet ISO compliant solution

DSX is developed and sold by CodeStep (UK) Limited under licence

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