CodeStep's "DreamServer" DSX Platform Formula 1999-2024

The DSX development strategy has been around for over 2 decades - it has outlasted all client expectations - even programming languages themselves.

From Classic Scripting and ASP, to .NET Framework and beyond.   The DSX process has worked across languages, even languages in countries!

We designed DSX to do 3 things:

  • Give clients of all sizes the ability to create unique software at an affordable cost
  • Give suppliers the chance to work together in areas they otherwise wouldn't - crossing the boundaries between code and design - and giving content and product creators the chance to cross-sell.
  • Give our developers a way of keeping software up-to-date, without having to re-code them all the time

Software can connect your customers, staff, and suppliers from all over - giving everyone the chance to "glue together" their operations whilst each one is unique.

Our solutions are modular, and designed for different stages of the development process:

  • DreamServer "DSX Framework"
    A programmers foundation and API solution that reduced complex coding into simple, modular processes as well as defining how web applications should be built to ensure compatibility, quality and upgradable for the lifetime of our customers

  • DreamServer "Managed Applications"
    A highly defined and scalable application manufacturing standard and model - that allows us to create millions of lines of code in record breaking time

  • DreamServer "WebDesk Shell"
    A highly programmable user interface for web applications - almost pure JavaScript - the API allows a high level of integration between otherwise seperate applications, all within a web browser without any software downloads

Our core foundation is simple yet highly flexible, and has evolved across five major iterations:-

At CodeStep UK, our solutions aren't just software - we can deliver an entire process to help you move forward.

Our future development strategy will be based on our new Integrated Cycle of Engineering (ICE) process - taking DSX to the next level and giving our customers a tailored, yet ISO compliant solution

Platform Lifecycle and Support

All our platforms are designed to follow the Microsoft End-Of-Life policy timelines based on the underlying components and dependencies. 
Versions may be withdrawn earlier subject to in-place upgrade options being provided and use-cases of registered users

CodeStep Platform
Technology  Deployment
Shell   End of Life Upgrade Policy *
DreamServer 5.5 - 5.7
(Not Yet Released)
TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA Customers must migrate through 5.3 & 5.4
to qualify for 5.5 **
DreamServer 5.4 - 5.4.2
(Not Yet Released)
.Net C# TBA SQL 2022+ TBA TBA TBA .Net Framework solutions will require additional
DLL references in order to continue to function **
DreamServer 5.3 - 5.3.4
Release Candidate 231120
Release Candidate 240128

(Not Yet Released)
.Net C#
(4.8+ Only)
SaaS Only SQL 2022+
SQL 2016+
for legacy
systems only

New features require
SQL 2022
Managed 2.3
no longer
3.9.6 TBA .Net 3.5 Installations are no longer supported
Non Web Hosts now supported
Code-Porting to .Net Core supported

.Net Framework solutions will require replacement
DLL references in order to continue to function. 

A 6-step upgrade process is required * & **
DreamServer 5.2.4
(Internal Studio Build)
.Net C# SaaS Only SQL 2016+ Managed 2.2 3.9.5  Jan 8, 2024
Internal Build
A Special Build specifically to prep for migration
Uses Runtime 5.2.3
DreamServer 5.2.3 .Net C# SaaS / Windows 2022   SQL 2016+ Managed 2.2 3.9.5  Oct 14, 2031 .Net 3.5 SP1 elements supported until Jan 2029
SaaS / Windows 2019 SQL 2016+ Managed 2.2 3.9.5  Jan 9, 2029 Windows Server must be upgraded after EOL date
SaaS / Windows 2016 SQL 2016+ Managed 2.2 3.9.5 Jan 12, 2027 Windows Server must be upgraded after EOL date
DreamServer 5.2.2 .Net C# SaaS Only SQL 2016+ Managed 2.1-2.2   3.9.4 May 25, 2023 *** to 5.2.3
DreamServer 5.2.1 .Net C# SaaS Only SQL 2016+ Managed 2.1 3.9+ May 25, 2023 ***  to 5.2.3
.Net C# (4.7) SaaS / Windows 2016+  SQL 2008 R2+ Managed 2.1 3.8+ Nov 20, 2023 **
to 5.2.3 **
Managed 2.0 3.7+ Apr 26, 2022 Managed Apps 2.0 must be upgraded to 2.1
DreamServer .Net C# (4.5) SaaS / Windows 2012+ SQL 2008 R2+ Managed 1.0-2.1 3.7+ Apr 26, 2022 to or 5.2.3
DreamServer 5.1 .Net C# SaaS / Windows 2008 R2+ SQL 2008 R2+ Managed 1.0-2.0 1.0+ Apr 26, 2022 to 5.2.x
DreamServer 5.0 .Net C# SaaS / Windows 2003+ SQL 2005+ Managed 1.0 Jul 14, 2015 to 5.2.x. 
Non-Managed apps require a Migration Service **
DreamServer 4.0 Classic ASP / .Net Windows 2003+ / XP  SQL 2000+ Managed 1.0 Nov 19, 2007 Research Platforms are not upgradable
DreamServer 3.0 Classic ASP / .Net  Windows 2003+ / XP SQL 2000+ Dynamic 2.7 Jul 12, 2011 Migration Service to 5.0 only **
DreamServer 2.7 Classic ASP / VB Windows 2000+ SQL 2000+ Dynamic 2.7 Dec 24, 2006 to 3.0
DreamServer 2.5 Classic ASP / VB Windows 2000+ SQL 2000+ Dynamic 2.5 Dec 24, 2006 to 2.7 or 3.0
DreamServer 2 Classic ASP / VB Windows 2000+ SQL 7.0+ Dynamic 2 Dec 24, 2006 to 2.x
DreamServer One Classic ASP / VB Windows NT 4.0 / 
Windows 2000+
SQL 6.5+ Dynamic 1 Mar 31, 2001 Prototype Platforms are not upgradable

Upgrade Policy:

* Free of Charge Upgrades of CodeStep Platforms available to Maintenance, Subscription and Software-As-A-Service customers. 
Non-Supported customers charged at standard upgrade rates.
Non SaaS customers must upgrade Windows / SQL Server by providing or purchasing appropriate licences in order to receive Microsoft Security Updates
Developer Licences are not covered by the free upgrade service policy.  It is up to developers to install and update components in accordance with API guidelines
** Migration Service is a chargeable option available for old systems (such as Classic ASP) that are not fully compatible with the newer platform(s). 
Customers may elect to do this themselves in accordance with the API guidelines of the selected framework version
***   End of life is reduced when all registered customers upgraded
Developer Licences may be deployed on Windows Desktops of an equivelent version to the specified servers
To ensure compatibility, similar architectures (or higher) should be matched eg,
Windows Server 2003 versions can run on Windows XP with IIS installed and ASP.NET frameworks
Windows Server 2008 R2 versions can run on Windows 7 with IIS installed
Windows Server 2016 versions can run on Windows 10 with IIS installed
Additional Microsoft SDK's may be required
Managed Apps can be upgraded from 1.0 to any other version by request (subject to Platform version / deployment type). 
 - Chargeable at £15 per application for non maintenance/SaaS customers.
Managed Apps may be downgraded for legacy deployments, but cannot be downgraded from 2.0 without loss of UI layout functionality
 - Downgrade Options will not be available from Managed App 2.3 without Migration Service charges
Managed Apps V2.0 may switch between HTML4/HTML5 or BootstrapUI - but template (re)design is chargeable

Dynamic Apps cannot be upgraded to Managed Apps without a Migration Service
Early Retirements: DreamServer was retired early on Nov 20th 2023 (down from Jan 12th 2027) to due to all live customers being upgraded.
DreamServer was no longer supportable due to Microsoft Dependency Lifecycles expiring on Apr 26th 2022. 
Customers without a support agreement are strongly advised to recompile & upgrade their systems

DSX is developed and sold by CodeStep (UK) Limited under licence

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