Case Study - DSX 2 Live Generator, 2003

DreamServer One was replaced with version 2 - now renamed DSX for short and corresponding with our 10-version strategy target for the coming years.

DSX 2 was designed to produce a toolkit allowing project managers and non-developers to rapidly build, deploy and support data capture and reporting applications.

Initlally white-labelled into a specific customer variant, the DSX-2 design strategy provided a foundation for the business to build systems that they themselves, could be white-laballed and sold multiple times.

  • Transformed data storage pools into usable, configurable applications
  • Executed within moments at runtime.  No pre-compiling, uploading or deployment
  • User-editable giving customers the ability to change their own applications
  • Process driven setup tools enabling rapid training of deployment teams
  • Initially White Labelled into "Illusionfactor's Qpoint Services", later replaced by the full DSX-2 specification as a free upgrade

Applications Built (all now retired):

  • Illusionfactors Equant Event Management and Delegate System (Qpoint Services)
  • Equant Sales Kick Off Breakout Registration and Management Tools (Qpoint Services)
  • llusionfactors Intranet 2 (Qpoint Services)
  • Illusionfactors AccountAbility 2.5 (Initially Qpoint Services, later the full DSX-v2)
  • WebCare 1.0 Sole Trader Management Tools (DSX-v2)

When Microsoft retired (Classic) ASP and moved to .Net, so did we with DreamServer 3 Migration Special.....  Our Customers did not lose out.

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