DSX 3 Migration Special, and DSX 4 Concept

DSX 3 was built as a stepping stone.  At the time, programming languages and technologies were changing.

But customers had spent good money on systems.  We didn't want to see their investments become stale.

So - Version 3 was developed to first, help bridge the gap between old code and new - and finally give us a way of removing old code without losing any customer apps.

DSX 3 Performed 3 Major styles of upgrade path:

  • Provided seamless side-by-side Classic ASP and .NET
  • Upgraded from Classic ASP & DSX 2 based Web Applications to .NET
  • Provided a core runtime library allowing .NET WebForm functionality to be back-ported to large Classic ASP applications - used in a large UK based automotive retailer network to keep an old system on old equipment at least functioning in a modern way.  Classic ASP suddenly gained .Net style WebForms!

Whilst Illusionfactor's AccountAbility 2.7 was the only application to be converted and run both DSX 2 and DSX 3 side-by side - it was an important step to prove the process of replacement aging systems - and was developed in the end for free as a demo to the customer

DSX 4 Concept "Playground"

Version 4 never really got used in production. It's purpose was to throw together all the new techiques available on the market to build a test-suite and find out what really worked.

It was our testing ground for lots of new features, compilers, CMS tools and performance trials.  

These became the specification for DreamServer 5 Framework

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