CodeStep UK Service Status

Service Status Comment Customer Impact Status Date
All Services - Summary Active No Issues Detected
Monitoring Service - Scanning Active No Issues Detected
Customer Services Active No Issues Detected
Automatic Maintenance Maintenance Scheduled 17 Jul 2024 18:10:11
Customer Hosting Services Active No Issues Detected
Customer SaaS Services Active No Issues Detected
Donated Charity Services Active No Issues Detected

History / Recent Events

17th June 2024 - Network Scanning Service Upgrade

Our Scanning Service has been changed to dramatically reduce the traffic, improve deployment to new monitoring stations and servers with a new managed setup process, and increase the number of scan types available. The new service will be tested over the coming days and now monitors upcoming OS updates, unapproved changes by Windows Update as well as provide operators with an Automated Update tool to simplify future upgrades. The deployment of this service caused some unintended errors codes to be displayed which have subsequanetly cleared as the job list was processed. Over 200 individual scans are now performed on our networks to ensure reliability and early warnings of issues

20th May 2024 - Network Scanning Service Generating Incorrect Failure Codes

Due to an OS upgrade on one of our scanning servers, network devices were falling into a low-power state that caused scanning services to incorrectly report errors across all monitored services.  Whilst all hosting and customer services were up and running, this status page showed errors from Environment Faults to Hardware Faults intermittently.

Configuration changes have been applied to mitigate the low-power state issue and tests will run for a couple of days to ensure the problem is rectified

15th May 2024 - OEM Service Update caused minor outage

An overnight OEM system update caused an outage in DC2 resulting in networking and other services failing to communicate.
Customers using SaaS Services bound to DC2 may have been unable to login for a short duration from 8.30am until approx 10:12am whilst services recovered.

1st May 2024 - DSX 5.3 Rollout Begins

As part of our continuous upgrade cycle, all Core Services, WebDesk Pro and WebDesk SiteMaker systems were upgraded to DSX 5.3. This resulted in a momentary loss of service across each application as the update was applied.

Customer SaaS Services will be upgraded over the coming days/weeks in accordance with customer maintenance bookings

15th February 2024 - New Automated Monitoring and Auditing Services

As part of our ISO Accreditation application and business practices, we have now updated our monitoring solutions so all services are scanned on a more frequent basis.
Customer services are scanned every minute for availability, and we have increased our vulnerability scanning using our new monitoring service.

In line with our "Simple Service" ethos - this service page now only shows a simple report - and automatically expands with more detailed information in the event of a fault, maintenance window or other event

20th January 2024 - New Ticket System for Customer Support Services

We have deployed a new ticket management suite to enable customers to email us using a dedicated (per-product) email address that will feed directly into our support team's ticket management system. Customers do not need to login to a seperate portal - simply continue to use your favourite email client and send emails as usual.

All Partners and Resellers have been sent a setup pack that allows you to integrate your own email services directly - enabling direct support with your own chosen email addresses/domains
All direct customers will receive instructions on using a new email address - please ensure you direct all support queries to the new address to ensure our entire team can respond as quickly as possible.

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