Pre-built Tools and Ready to run Platforms

CodeStep UK have been investing in our clients future from the very start.

We develop re-usable components that all our clients can use.  And where possible, we deliver code that can be updated automatically, keeping in line with modern standards and techniques.

Our manufacturing process and frameworks drive costs down

By managing and providing a Shared Framework Manufacturing Strategy to our clients, we are able to future proof systems and manage upgrades and migrations in ways that keep your systems fresh, and always up to date - often at little cost!

Old Applications, Reborn

We've turned old systems into new ones, desktop apps into mobile apps and swapped out entire languages when vendors retired them.

Our design patterns are tried and tested for over 20 years.  Our clients are kept up to date at a fraction of the cost.  We have protected our customers from aging software - with dedicated service plans we can re-publish old apps using new tools & technologies, adding new features as the years go on.

Our Apps don't have to grow old.  CodeStep's unique frameworks make this possible.

CodeStep's application builders can get you started fast

With a vast toolset we can rapidly deploy a framework and skeleton system - ready to be tailored and extended as each client requires.  We can produce unique applications using tried and tested components - delivered open and changeable for each individual client.

One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Our platform is designed to be modular; simple tools to update your public website, or a uniquely tailored multi-lingual Business Management suite - we'll deliver a consistent and compatible solution, always ready to grow.

We can have your new system up and running in moments, ready to customize and build your dedicated solution on.

CodeStep.UK was built on a foundation of process, future-proofing and scalability - our DSX Strategy has lasted over 22 years

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With just one well designed platform - you can do anything

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Edit your website

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Create staff process manuals

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Manage online orders

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Manage your business activity

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Connect with your franchises

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Work with partners

There is always something new

We can create almost anything on the web. 

Any site, service or portal you might need, we can advise the best way to get it. 

If you don't see what your looking for, get in touch and we'll discuss all the available options with you.

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