DSX 1 - DreamServer One, 1999

DreamServer One was very much a prototype.  But it was clear from the early days of my career, it was essential

And it hasn't disappointed

Having developed 2 commercially viable and cost saving solutions whilst contracted to Pirelli Cables, it was clear David's career lay in software and optimization of processes

The scope for DSX 1 was to create a simple e-commerce "lite" site - one without the expense of payment systems or shopping carts.  Just simple, and easy for customers to manage themselves.  Ideal for reservation systems, online enquiry desks and simple communications between customers and businesses.  Importantly, it could be run on hosting sevices provided by almost any provider that supported ASP and FTP uploads, at absolute minimal cost


  • Text Box coding and web-GUI configuration using a custom API (Dial up modem based live development)
  • Dictionary-style based Rules Manager - Allowed non-programmers to define logic and change the behaviour realtime
  • User friendly site setup wizard allowing the customers themselves to change the website and its features
  • A unique Process Management and Development Cycle ensuring cost effective and easily modifiable deployments

Applications Built:

Then came DreamServer 2....

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