EQ's SalesPro CRM - Bespoke Customer Management like no other

Thread Group were approeached to provide a software solution - a sales and contract management platform that would be cost effective, and tailored to every need

Following a demonstration of Thread's SalesPro 2019 platform - the customer undertook a long analysis and fine tuning process to create a CRM system that worked exactly how they needed.

Built using CodeStep UK's DreamServer 5 Intelligent Production platform - the solution was built in just a few short months, road-tested for quality and then expanded to additional areas of the businesses

Thread commissioned a tailor made branding and design layout which our partners created and installed to our base platform - and combined with the unique business structure and data warehouse built just for them, it gave the customer a solution fully hosted and managed and delivered as a cloud service.

Our Software-As-A-Service model ensures customers don't have to worry about databases, hosting, support or installations - everything we built is simply delivered using their chosen browser.

With integration options available with API's and direct data connections - our solution is ready to grow in the years ahead, and develop as the business grows and adapts

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