SalesPro 2019 - A Business Management Platform, and Sales Demonstration

Thread Group (formally Illusionfactor) undertook a major change to how it operated.

The brief was simple - modernise the previous AccountAbility solution - but instead of being a general project management tool - this was to be focused on sales and growth

Three fundemental changes were made to the solution that was already 9 years old.

The first - was a new interface and design language - gone were the days of the old brand and old browsers - we needed to create a brand in it's own right - ready for Thread Group to create a marketing tool for bespoke software using modern technologies but keeping the existing foundation of stability.

With the powerful DreamServer 5 based platform underneath - this process was simplified.  We could regenerate the 9 year old software using our latest incarnation of DSX - every core application was rebuilt in a mattor of days - incorporating all the latest features and tricks for modern browsers.

Combined with a new User Interface shell previewd in an early prototype - our WebDesk based solution gave us flexibility to deliver a fully contained and complex set of applications in a single browser window.

Expanded to include a highly customized document generation system - and built on CodeStep's new content engine previously used to create public websites - SalesPro 2019 enabled Thread to deliver detailed pitch documents automatically generated using the valuable information already in the platform without having to export data into 3rd party systems, manually collate marketing material or copying and pasted content by hand.  With the added benefit of live editing of documents, our content engine gave an easy scaleable API and toolset for the system to work how they needed

Further tools were necessary - and a sales-centric CRM solution was added to give the business owners the statistical and profiling features necessary to fully manage their client interactions and account management - tailored to exactly how Thread wanted to operate their business

SalesPro 2019 was more than just a tool fo them.  It also became a demonstraton platform for Thread to showcase bespoke software - and the power of our platform

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