AccountAbility - The third generation

The original brief was simple - make a timesheet tool.  No one ever expected the end result to cover 5 entire departments, or provide 86 different applications!

Working in close partnership with a long established London business - with each department head working closely with the developers - AccountAbility soon became the tool to manage all the data, budgeting, planning and financial state of the entire company.

A number of iterations of the software were built - with the latest to use CodeStep UK's "DSX Platform" - intended to rapidly produce software to a level of quality that was consistent and repeatable across the whole organisation

The story of timesheets was just the start - and quickly grew to cover all areas of project management, budgeting, estimate generation, expense and order tracking, payment processing, financial reporting and auditing - giving the directors an instant view of the business at any time.

Staff coulf abandon the long winded spreadsheets and manual document production - instead using a simple tool to put together plans and work orders for customers, issue instructions and purchase orders to suppliers and schedule resources across internal and external resources with a simple set of tools.

The power of the platform grew so much - that even the famous Accounting Software was almost entirely replaced - because with high quality detailed information in our system - the need for an accounts solution to manage day to day activitied was abandoned - with only the accountants needing it to file their accounts

In later years AccountAbility was upgraded again - and it became known as SalesPro - expanding the administration side of the business to include sales specific tools and features

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