IntoZetta's Data Quality and Reporting Tool

A call came out of the blue from a company we had never heard of - they had read about us on google searches and wanted us to build them some software.

The strange thing about this one, was they were a software producer themselves.  This was exciting!

Our two lead developers went to meet the client at their office - at first just to discuss what they had in mind and what they wanted to acheive.

At first - we expected the project to be a simple tool, but it quickly turned into much more

Then we got a shock - After just 2 meetings - they were ready to commit to a huge investment, and rapidly start building a new solution for them.

Dave, one of our expert partners  - developed a 100% bespoke solution that delievered a complex package of tools, reporting and rich user intefcaes that our client could resell to their customers.

Combined with one of our hosting solutions to test-drive and road test the service - we delivered a royalty free solution that allowed them to own their own solution - and continue on their journey with their customers using the latest web and cloud based solution model we developed just for them.

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