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When Chevrolet bought out the Daewoo Cars brand in the UK - the transformation of their business was huge

In the early days, Illusionfactor was the sole supplier of the Daewoo Knowledge Base - a large catalogue of marketing information and tools used by dealers across the UK to engage with their customers

When David - our Director and Solutions Architect first worked with Illusionfactor many years ago - he showed the customer that much more could be done with some clever database design, and a modern approach to web services

Originally working with Daewoo Cars Limited - the concept of interactive web services was delivered at a fraction of the price charged by industry leaders for typical software

Websites didn't need to be static content - they could be highly dynamic - giving head office the tools to directly communicate and engage with retailers in an instant

Gone were the days of just publishing news letters and marketing material - now users could actively communicate in real time.  Daewoo's Network Assistance (DNA) was born

As time progressed, the system because more complex - and as Chevrolet took over - a whole new standard of tools was developed working closely with their retail support team

Their staff recognised the power of what we could offer - and over the years many tools were built, from call center communications tools, servicing and repair quotation tools as well as parts and warranty claim management tools

The effects of this transformation rippled through the company.  And just a few years later - we were approached by their international team of managers - keen to expand the UK's unqiue solution right across Europe

Chevrolet Connect was born - and became a unique solution in it's own right

In 2015 The entire system was replaced with one built on our platform, DreamServer 5.1 - and just like Connect, became a highly cost effective and fully managed cloud service

With hundreds of retailers able to instantly communicate at a highly cost effective rate - Chevrolet became a software provider using our platforms - reselling services to their dealerships on a service contract basis

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