Chevrolet Connect European Portal - One of our flagship solutions

Chevrolet Connect was a major surprise.

The company approached Illusiofactor Ltd having already delivered a UK portal that was so successful, and asked if we could replicate this for the entire European business. 

And they wanted to use our platform!

"We didn't want to mention it, but you undercut the competition by hundreds of thousands!"

This quote still rings in our ears! - We beat all the other suppliers.  Suppliers with hundreds of staff, and international recognition.

But Chevrolet chose us.  With just 4 staff assigned to the job - we delivered a solution bigger than we had ever built before - and it was a huge success!

But how did this happen?

At first - the prospect of building such a complex piece of software was a huge concern to some.  Not only did it have to function and perform - but it had to be in 14 languages and work across 15 countries.

But our developers - took it in their stride.  We had a secret weapon up our sleeves!

Gone were the days of writing software by hand.  We had a software factory.  We could generate millions of lines of code in a very short space of time, tuned and tailored to how the customer needed.

More importantly - our software was manufactuered to a consistent level of quality, over and over again.

Before Artificial Intellgent software production was fashionable, CodeStep UK had already built multiple applications and proved the concept worked.

Connect became one of our biggest solutions - ever! - Over 16,000 staff had registered and been served by our solution since it was created - all hosted and maintaned within the UK

Our platform, DreamServer 5 made this happen.  Still in use today it has grown to incorporate even more features, and is even faster than ever

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