Equant Delegate Management and Sales Kick Off tools

Illusionfator was approeached to deliver Live Events and services to Equant.  But it needed software to engage with it's customers before the events even started

The goal was simply to provide the event managers with a tool that would enable customers to register for an upcoming conference event, and later to manage the day with scheduling of breakout meetings and special seminars

The capabilities were a little more complex.

Illusionfactor needed a way for non-developers to build software - and as a specialist in building software production tools - our early DreamServer 2 platform was chosen

The platform enabled users to quickly build data cpture forms, step by step processes and management applications to a robust standard - without any programming experience

The clients needs were a little tricky - and so a special version called Qpoint Servuces was produced to expand on our basic solution - and offer bespoke creation tools to Illusionfactor that delivered just what they needed

The end result was so simple to use, the customer almost immediately commissioned a further set of tools for a Sales Kick Off event - similar in nature, but with a more detailed experience for it's customers

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