ComCare 2023 - A tailored solution delivered across the UK

A software producer in the south of england contacted us to help deliver a complex solution.  But no one expected what was about to happen!

At first - the customer wanted an Access database.  But this was never going to be good enough for what they really needed.

After months of planning and consultaion it was quickly realised the customer needed a far more complex and robust solution - delivered as a cloud service - across multiple different companies and locations throughout the UK.

As a provider in the Care Industry - the customer had a very complex arrangement of different computers, standards and skill levels that would have meant an Access solution was not going to be possible or good enough over the longer term.

What they needed - and what we delivered - was a strsight forward browser based solution.  We didn't want to burden them with complex software installations, on-site delivery or complex procurement and licencing - they needed it to be simple, and we needed to give them a fully managed solution.

Delivered to over 80 locations across the UK - our care home management software allows staff to rapidly communicate with head office, manage and report on capacity levels and produce documentation without using manual approaches.

Our solution will replace hundreds of individual spreadsheets, thousands of documents and contracts - and rapidly increase the speed at which Key Performance Indicators can be reported.

Built using CodeStep UK's "Human In the Loop Automation" platform DreamServer 5 - our solution ensures the service can be rapidly modernised over the coming years, 

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