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At CodeStep.UK - there is always something new in the pipeline.

New software, new hardware services and entire platforms are built regularly to keep up with demand, and to provide a cutting edge yet cost effective solution to those that deal with more than just websites.

Our data center services are designed from the ground up to be cloud-beating - from performance, to price - we can deliver when others cannot.

We regularly invest in all sorts of solutions - even just to try out new options - but each time we create a new service or suite of products we know even larger organisations can benefit from.

A well designed solution can save hundreds or thousands compared to the typical vendors.  We use combinations that are not off-the-shelf, delivering you savings and performance.

CodeStep.UK - Delivering time and cost efficiency.

Notice to customers regarding Coronavirus, and help for customers unable to login after being away

SERVICE PERFORMANCE - New Changes happening now!

We are currently upgrading our servers, services and web applications to prepare for the expected (and hoped) upsurge in digital requirements over the next 12 months.  There may be a minor performance hit to existing services whilst we upgrade / transfer and modernise the equipment.  If anyone experiences problems, please contact support and we'll be happy to pause / re-schedule any impacted service changes.

Need something specific ?

CodeStep.UK can deliver bespoke solutions when off-the-shelf market providers don't quite deliver.

Using custom configured equipment, we can provide more flexible and more cost effective hosting than Cloud providers, all fully managed or provided as a self-service solution

September 2020 - New Datacenter Services coming online!

We are proud to annouce a quadrupling of our service capacity!

Our new datacenter solution will provide a cost effective and highly scalable future - for our customers to get the latest and greatest software, hardware and performance - with unique tailored options that many others cannot provide, or simply charge too much for.

Using cutting edge technology - we're about to rapidly scale our service capacity, and our range of services!

Watch this space for our new platforms and services, coming soon!

New servers, new software

Using the best equipment money can buy - we provide a scalable solution no matter the requirements.

Our in-house and partner experience allow us to provide a bespoke, yet highly cost effective solution to a wide range of customers

Latest Offer - Managed Servers and Managed Applications

Our latest investment allows us to provide a newly managed-hosting service for any Windows based Web Application, RDS or custom solution.

By ignoring the typical options, and creating something bespoke - we provide a unique service for customers that want something different.

Call or Contact Us to find out more

Now we can host even more!

Bigger, faster and longer lasting - our new equipment provides cutting edge performance and more scalability than ever before

Get in touch and create something different

We specialise in doing what others do not.  We can provide tailored services and custom software solutions to help your business deliver exactly what you need.

Backed by technicians and software experts and partners, we can deliver more than you might think.

New services deliver new options:-

  • Dual Datacenter Services
    • Legacy or Latest, you choose what you need
  • Managed Cloud Services
    • We can handle all the complex setup, so you don't have to.
  • Legacy OS Services
    • Run anything from Windows 2003, 2008, 2016 or 2019 direct in the cloud**
    • Migrate from old, expensive to maintain on-site hardware to cloud accessible solutions
  • OS Upgrade and Transformation Services
    • Upgrade, migrate and transform your legacy infrastructure
    • Choose the pace you need - our private clouds are flexible
  • Legacy Application Hosting
    • Transform legacy on-premise applications to fully cloud accessible solutions

** Appropriate licences will be required to run the chosen legacy software.  In some cases, the latest or newer licences will be obtained giving you a pre-paid upgrade path, subject to availability and licence conditions at the time of order.  We accept the transfer of "Retail" licences, but OEM licences from existing equipment cannot be transferred and new/additional licences will be required.

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