Pirelli Cables OFU - StockManager

StockManager was designed to transform the paper-based EPFU logistics and delivery department into a fully digitised process.

StockManager saved over 6 hours per day labour time and increased productivity by 75%.

Initially designed as a Microsoft Office based solution, StockManager developed from an Excel based stores map to a VB-Script powered automated order and stock scheduler.

With a little help from the official IT department, StockManager was combined with barcode scanners, networked production notification from Manufacturing all the way through to dispatch.

With my system, dispatch and order control knew about the available stock and production yields before the manufacturing team had even packaged the product or even passed the stock to us!

As a non-IT member, I created in less than 2 months what the official department had planned would take two years using SAP.

David Molson received Employee of the Year award from Pirelli Cables for this solution.

Pirelli Cables OFU - WorkManager

Following a promotion to Logistics Manager after the successful deployment of StockManager, the job requirements became an operations management role supervising the scheduling of the entire Harlow OFU and EPFU manufacturing process.

WorkManager was developed to predict the production yields of OFU towers, manage client orders and schedule the dispatch of goods to customers.

Combined with StockManager - these two solutions enabled a 50% reduction in labour costs within the Goods Out department, redeploying staff to more vital areas of the business.

Whilst Pirelli Cables were engaged in a corporation-wide plan to convert to SAP - that process took years and we were up and running within weeks.

Our solution even kept running after SAP had deployed - because the SAP system couldn't do what ours did, for a very long time.

The experience gained in developing software at an early age - commercially viable and cost saving - led to the very first step into the self-employed world with DreamServer One not far away

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