About CodeStep UK

CodeStep UK started in July 2007 as "TheCodeStep.co.uk" to solve one key problem - Software Development was too complex and costly for the average business to take on and benefit from.

After years of experience in working with various sectors, Codestep UK was set up to define a simple, repeatable standard that gave customers the unique systems they wanted - but using pre-constructed foundations and at a fraction of the cost, with minimal effort.

Based in Essex, with partners across the south-east and London - we can provide a fast local service, and remote services for anyone further afield.

Our customers want an easier life

Everyone is busy running their business.  Software is just a tool.  It should be easy to get and easy to use.  And it should be Unique.

Everyone else makes that sound difficult. 

But it isn't.

Specialist teams

Our core team consists of like-minded partners from various business sectors working together to create complex solutions using our unique processes and skills.

Together with our partners - we can deliver enterprise-ready services and solutions.

Experienced. Specialised

Each of our Team Members and Partners are specialists in their own field - ensuring our customers receive the expertise required for their solution. 

Launched in 2007 - we've grown a unique advantage and process.

Experience drives process

Software development is often seen as complex.  Often the providers of software have poor management and process control that leads to expensive and difficult to maintain systems. Worst still, many users put up with off-the-shelf software that doesn't do what they want, or costs more than expected over the long term.

How many businesses do you know that are stuck with using old software that can't be updated?  Or are tied into costly per-user pricing that only gets worse as they grow?

A simple process equals lower price

A solid foundation makes a long lasting solution.

A good process leads to repeatable, expandable and longer lasting products and services.

Our process makes your delivery

CodeStep UK was born on the principle of process.... we needed a process that worked for our customers, and our teams.  Our process looks after the customer and their systems for the longer term - ensuring systems stay fresh with regular reviews and updates.

Most importantly - we made sure bespoke software was within the reach of even the smallest business.

Making sure our customers are never locked in to CodeStep we give customers the peace of mind they can move anywhere, and gives us a seamless experience working with additional partners and specialists as your system grows.

Off the shelf software used to be a compromise. Not with us.

Many companies choose off the shelf or large branded solutions, usually having to "put up" with the fact it won't do what they want, or doesn't work in the way they like.  They can often come with incredibly large price tags or complex and costly support plans.

Even developers can be tied to rules and limitations of 3rd party components, with no voice in what they do. 

At CodeStep UK - we understand that no two businesses are the same.  If they were, how could they compete? 
We will hand create as much as possible ensuring you can change as much as possible.  But there is an advantage with using pre-built, re-usable components - if they are built right.

Our pre-built components were designed from the very start to be configured and tailored just how our customers need them.

Our Bespoke and Custom Solutions let you make your business unique and stand out from everyone else yet benefit from tried and tested methods, just like an off the shelf app.

Be different in a crowded market

Our tailored solutions and unique-to-you code give you the choice of what your systems do.  

With your own apps - you could be working smarter and more efficiently than everyone else that does the same thing.

Big Software Houses had Big Problems

Having worked for leading software houses - another problem became apparent.  The complexity and bureaucracy involved can lead to bloated timescales and costs or bad technical choices.  The financial risks of large clunky operations are immense.

Entire teams of people can be lost overnight through poor management and cost cutting, with all of their knowledge lost too.

Customers may get dispatched to a call centre with no-one taking ownership and looking after them, or even transitioned to online-only "DIY" support.

None of this is good enough - for customers or the developers!

Our flexible teams give you a personal experience and no call-centers

Every project we do has a dedicated long term account director, lead developer and support agent.  We look after you and your systems for the longer term.

We partner with specialists

By working with specialists and other solutions providers we can create the ideal delivery teams for complex solutions.

We look for Business Owners, Startups and Sole Traders who want to collaborate and venture into new service solutions.

We are continually looking to grow our partnerships we have so that we can all benefit from delivering truly integrated and specialised solutions, whilst each having the flexibility and control of being independent.  

We look for new partners all the time - see our Partners page or Contact Us for more information

Expert teams ready to help

We have a core team of experts in the UK on hand for a whole range of services - and we partner with others to deliver large or specialised solutions.

But we dont just find suppliers - we define a process - to make sure your services are the most efficient they can be.

Our customers get a network of support

By delivering solutions from specialists - our customers get a truly great network of support.  
From hardware engineers to business analysts, our team can help you strategise and deliver a valuable service to your customers.

Our common processes, technical frameworks and independent specialisation ensures you get the very best from everyone.

Your Global Services are just a few steps away

Combining our software with the fantastic cloud hosting services that are available today - you can reach a worldwide audience and build international teams dedicated to serving customers anywhere.

Our digital services give you the chance to go global.  User demands and complex events bring unexpected challenges to all businesses - so we are pleased to work with so many experts in such a flexible way giving you, our customers a truly exceptional and personal service.

Small, Large or International

We know how difficult running a small business can be, especially in the early years.  So we ensure our services can scale, giving you only what you need at a cost you can manage.  Everything is tailored - and we make sure CodeStep UK can deliver for everyone, because even big companies were small once!

For something bigger, we can help you deliver multi-language international solutions - entirely built to your needs and for your customers.

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