Partnership Networks

At CodeStep UK we are always looking for new Business Partners who specialise in their own fields to collaborate with in order to develop major projects and solutions that are more complex than could otherwise be delivered.

With experience of working on many major projects for clients, opportunities always arise to develop and expand systems and solutions to other segments within an organisation. A large solution needs skills from all over, and we can manage and partner with suppliers so that you don't have to.

You don't have to be a developer to get into software

Each specialist can deliver their services as part of something bigger.

Software is a diverse mix of talents - designers, creators, architects writers and more - together we can build bigger and more complex solutions that include everyones unique skill.

Partnering with specialists

By working with specialists and other solutions providers we can create the ideal delivery teams for complex solutions.
Microsoft Partner

Free Training on our Platforms

Those that choose to work with us, or develop custom modules for the platform will receive free training for our Core packages

Hit the ground running

With our new versions, training is simpler and give you a head start to using all our WebDesk components