Staff Hobbies - Westfield FW Special Kit Car

The Kit Car built by David & Graham was a fantastic chance to turn our passion of cars into something real we can drive

Below is our "amateur" timelapse video.  It was originally taken to prove some camera software and to keep a memory of the build, but I was so impressed by the Raspberry Pi cameras we turned this into a video!

We hope you enjoy!

A platform in the making

Building a car was the fun part - but it also sets the stage for CodeStep.UK to build software - camera software and dashboard software - turning hobbies into a real world working experience

There were initially 2 Raspberry Pi based cameras - but being such a small garage it was hard to get the angles we needed to capture the whole car at once.  So we had to add a third when we realised there was work being done at the back we just couldn't see on camera!

Over the coming months (or more) CodeStep will be experimenting with our design partners to create a truely custom dashboard interface.  It'll be one that isn't like those you find from commercial manufacturers.  This one is tuned for the enthusiast - bringing a level of modern tech to a classic foundation

The video above is 720 HD quality encoded as H.264 - if your device does not play or stream correctly, you may need better signal

If you would like to see the 1080p HD version - please contact us using the contact form